Have a Nice Death


“Have a Nice Death” is a 2D action roguelike game that puts you in the shoes of an overburdened Death. Due to the unruly behavior of his employees, the balance of souls has been disrupted, and his well-deserved vacation plans are now in jeopardy. To set things right, you must wield your reliable scythe and assert your authority over your unruly subordinates.

Review of Have a Nice Death

“Have a Nice Death” is a game where you play as Death and have to fix things after your employees messed everything up. You fight through different levels with enemies and bosses using a scythe. The levels are different each time you play, but if you die, you have to start over again. People like the game because it’s challenging and has cool graphics, but some people don’t like that it’s too hard and not varied enough. If you like tough 2D games with a different idea, you should try “Have a Nice Death”.

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