Sports Story Review – Over Par


Sports Story, the sophomore effort from developer Sidebar Games, expands upon the successes of its golf-RPG predecessor by introducing new sports and additional elements to the golfing experience. However, these changes detract from what made Golf Story so special, resulting in an experience that is often bogged down by excessive fetch quests and unpolished mechanics. Furthermore, a weak story and numerous technical issues further harm the game, making Sports Story a disappointment overall.

The game picks up where Golf Story left off, with the protagonist, a skilled golfer, on the verge of signing a professional contract. After completing the usual procedures such as checking into a hotel, acquiring new golf clubs, and obtaining a license, the player heads to the countryside for practice. Upon arrival, they discover that the area is being terrorized by a gang called the Iron Dragons and decide to take on the role of detective to uncover the truth and put a stop to the gang’s actions.

The story takes a sharp turn at this point, as the player is no longer solely focused on becoming a professional golfer, but instead becomes a freelance investigator, traveling from location to location to aid people and gather clues about the Iron Dragons. The story is not particularly engaging, and many of the memorable and humorous characters from Golf Story are either underutilized or completely absent, instead focusing on the bland and simplistic protagonist.

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